Geophysical Surveys

As an innovator in the design and application of detailed airborne geophysical surveys for over 30 years, Geotech provides our clients
with the most advanced geophysical exploration platforms, data processing and data interpretation services available today.

Our airborne geophysical survey services include:
VTEM: Versatile Time-Domain Electro-Magnetic system
AeroTEM: Time-Domain Electro-Magnetic system
3-Axis AMG: Tri-Axial Magnetic Helicopter-Gradiometer
Radiometrics: In conjunction with any of our systems
Gravity: Either from a fixed wing or helicopter platform
ZTEM: Z-Tipper Electro-Magnetic Natural Field Airborne AFMAG system (fixed wing or helicopter platform)
AirMt: Airborne Magnetic Tensor system - NEW Natural Field helicopter-AFMAG Technique
Fixed Wing Magnetics and Radiometrics
Helicopter-Borne Stinger-Mounted Magnetics and Radiometrics

Geotech operates over 30 VTEM systems and ten ZTEM systems worldwide. Our proprietary, large dipole moment VTEM system is the airborne system of choice of the geophysical exploration community.

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