About Us

Geotech Aviation

Geotech Aviation was born out of the realisation of the benefits of an owned fleet versus third party aircraft. Its origin stem from Geotech Airborne, a global leader in airborne geophysics.

Many factors contributed to its successful establishment, such as the capability to maintain availability, quality, serviceability and safety. With Geotech being very active globally and a marked increase in aircraft movements, the need for an African base was finally fulfilled by launching Geotech Aviation South Africa.

Geotech Aviation gained extensive initial experience in airborne geophysical survey support. Since then it has developed into an aviation company with all the necessary skills and capabilities to be able to offer versatile, safe and cost-effective solutions.


Our mission is to supply quality, reliable aviation support and assets through a detail orientated and managed system with a passion-driven culture ensuring client value, together with aviation assets that maintain value and operational excellence.

Geotech Airborne Ltd.

Geotech is the world's leading airborne geophysical survey company, offering full-service helicopter and fixed-wing geophysics, with high-end technical services in the fields of active (VTEM) and passive electromagnetism (ZTEM and AIRMT), state-of-the-art gravity and high-sensitivity magnetics in addition to the most advanced radiometric systems.

Geotech's project management team has decades of combined experience in planning and executing successful airborne geophysical surveys throughout the world. Geotech is well recognised worldwide for high-end airborne geophysical surveys, with more than 30 years' experience. It has therefore ben a pioneer in the design and application of detailed airborne geophysical surveys, offering the most advanced exploration platforms available in the market today. Geotech's sustainability has made us the longest-running company globally that offers airborne electromagnetic surveying.

We are committed to continuous improvement of existing systems and the invention of new technologies. In the last decade, our research and development programme produced the industry leading VTEM active source system and the unique ZTEM and AirMT natural source systems. Visit www.geotech.ca for more information and contact details.